Beautiful Massages London created a bespoke range of luxurious ultra massages for their celebrity discerning clients because they expect the best in life!

dont you think its about time you also received the best in your massage relaxation therapy too !


Ask your therapist for special offers and combine two massages in one, or do you require a home visit or are you a couple for a romantic break, do you require an international visit or an ayurveda Tantric yoga retreat. Do you require a therapist to visit you on your yatch.. or an on site massage


please contact your individual therapist on your country, we have a general contact number for all calls,We have different therapists available in each country. but all are of the same beautiful standard pampering you with an unforgetable massage experience..........


Bespoke massage popular with our city financial clients, because it combines, both specially blended aromatherapy oils to clear the mind, pine wood and citrus oils fill the air, exclusive extracts from Switzerland, and la prairie, and a unique vita oil blend to send vitamin and extracts through your skin to tone and plump the skin. The massage blends Shiatso, Swedish and Balinese techniques, and deep tissue, to just the right pressure of touch, to remove all aches and pains, treat office back strain, lymph drainage to lighten the body. A second silken touch massage re-energises you. A bliss full escape in a massage, just what you needed after a day in the city.


The ultimate deep tissue massage! safe in the advance qualified hands of a specialist sports physiotherapist, you will receive an incredible full body sports deep tissue massage, using the latest art techniques, and advanced neuro-muscular massage, with the right a mount of intuitive pressure and stimulation, your physiotherapist will clear the muscles of strain toxin build up, encourage better circulation, to tone rebuild your muscles, and elavate your sporting and gym performance, can help you immensley if you are training or just going to the gym for fitness, encourages physical recovery and growth. 

This massage, is used on top international footballers in Manchester, and Chelsea, also popular for athletes and private visits can be arranged to those in training at home.



A qualified female Aromatherapist, creates a pescription  aromatherapy treatment massage especially for you. Your personal med-spa experience, to address all of your health concerns, stress issues, to revive you totally

Your therapist first sits down with you over fresh fruit juices, to discuss your health issues, and stress levels. Relax and let go, this experience has added time to a friendly chat and lots of health tips. She will then blend up to 360 plant essential oils from the UK and the South of France, which treat your specific health concerns. The scent of a garden of flowers fills the air like a fresh spring morning. Uplifting ultra luxurious treatment massage follows. We can also blend Oud oils and extracts for clients in the Middle East too.



A fusion of Tantra massage, 7 chakra massage, Ayurveda, and lomi lomi, wonderful deep relaxation and sensual spiritual healing, cleansing mind body and soul of stress, softly soothing and stimulating every sense in the body, focusing on balancing the body's energy centres, called the chakras, we use the lovely magical Tantra massage techniques, to stimulate the senses.

Soft flowing sensa massage, using ayurvedic oils, and French essential oils such as cedarwood, rose, myrtle and bergamot. Feeling like a four hand massages yetgiven by one specialist therapist! encouraging the rise of positive spirit by stimulating the flow of the positive kundalini energy, the best form of stress relief possible and wonderful after a long day in the office, simply float away in the hands of of your caring gentle gifted therapist. leave feeling rejuvenated.

The Dubai Massage is one of our most popular massages for gentlemen and ladies and our celebrity clients. ........................................................................................................................................We also sell a range oils sensual relaxation blends, we use essential oils direct from the farms that extract them in Provence, which are 100 per cent organic and pure.. blended from French Master Aromatherapists, much better than the shop bought mass production low quality you see. The fragrant blends awake your senses with a zing of pure herbs, and excellent nourishing treatments for the skin.......................................................


Many of our therapists are health diet and fitness qualified either board certified, or ITEC qualified, they can often provide free health and advice on diet and super fitness! making the treatment pay for itself a 100 times over. Value.


  • LONDON MASSAGE  from £200/ $300 ~
  • MONACO MASSAGE from £265/
  • DUBAI MASSAGE from £250/$400 upwards ~ ~

Minimum treatment time is 1 hour. Most take 1 hour 30 mins with Dubai Ayurveda Tantra needing longer.  

These are a dedicated luxury brand massage, so we can not offer cheap or supermarket rushed off the peg massages. Our lovely therapists really make a huge difference in the way your are treated and the effectiveness of the experience and treatment.